Learn to achieve Bliss – The Process


The Process – The Two Stages To Achieving Bliss

The first stage is the identification of that magical ‘X Factor’ which I speak of. Once you have identified what I speak of, the second stage is one of time.

Stage 1 – Identification

No matter what you think, feel, perceive, what you do, there is a naturally occurring ever present factor within. This is an invisible, unobservable “something” that can be said to exist. You might wish to think of this as an ever-present natural observance, an ever present higher force, life force, source or indeed as God. Perhaps you think of it as a naturally free and occurring space or awareness, consciousness. Indeed I have thought of it as many different things throughout my journey – and it still remains the same! The truth is, it’s going to be with you for the rest of your life, irrespective of wether you ever notice it or uncover it.

It really doesn’t matter how you think of it – or what you call it. It’s identifying it that is the first step. And no one or thing outside of you can identify it for you, they can only ever help you! Indeed all words, methods, and teachers, are secondary to your quest in identification, they are only ever a guide.

What’s critical is we don’t get too hung up on terminology, but rather that we find that which I speak of, which exists within – not locked up in the observable world around us.

It’s an impossible job for anyone else to really identify this for you, because all their attempts to explain happen and occur within it’s space and pass through it’s natural presence, as do all your attempts to understand them! What is spoken of is so subtle, it remains there, unaffected by all definitions and attempts to define it, to find it.

This naturally occurring phenomenon, this power, space, awareness, call it what you like, has never been affected by your thoughts, feelings, reactions, different states, perceptions or memories. They have always moved through it’s space, passed through it’s observance, occurred in it’s presence, naturally. It is beyond them all, unmoved by them all.

What we are trying to identify is there, already free, and that’s been the case all your life. It may simply be that you’ve never noticed that ever present phenomenon inside of you. That you’ve not seen things from it’s vantage point or learned to connect to it. So, I am not exactly teaching anything new here, but it’s easy to get absorbed in the observable content of our experience, and feel like that’s all there is.

Remember: This power, space, awareness, constant, call it what you like, has never been affected by your thoughts, feelings, reactions, different states, perceptions and memories. They have always moved through it’s space, under it’s observance, being in it’s presence, naturally.

Stage 2 – Time

Once you have identified that which I speak of, comes the working of the source, via process. Now begins the inward facing journey – all on the outside world can help us even less here.  Everything we can think, feel, perceive and do passes through the existence of what we have identified.

It all happens naturally of it’s own accord. That power, space, awareness, which is naturally there in everyone alive, is totally free, unmoved and indifferent to what passes through it.

It is it, that is working on you, you only get in the way. Understand that. 

It has a quality, a purpose, a reason –  given time – it can heal you – it can heal all phenomenon that passes through it’s presence. It’s infinitely benevolent and graceful, something that can create miracles within, ease suffering and empower you.

Practice takes two forms, the first is in a controlled, quiet environment, alone, or in a group, a formal practice time often to gentle music – learning to notice, be or connect to what you have identified. The second is learning to practice in normal life, as and when we are just going about living our lives. In both instances, if we focus less and less on us, at first this practice requires conscious effort, but the more we do it, the easier it gets, and the more naturally it occurs without effort, due to what is called brain plasticity. To see scans of brain when in this state, take a look here.

Practice is required, until it is no longer required. The goal to release and be overtaken by the naturally occurring of it’s own accord. And, there’s little more to it than that.



A practical, fact-based method

I believe really in only one thing – fact. When I work, I only deal with facts. I don’t really deal in beliefs, stories, or complexities, and I try and stay clear of interpretations as much as I can. Sure I have mine and you’ll have yours, but they’re very personal and can be very subjective.

My interpretations have certainly changed in me enough times for me not to be too precious of them! If I can say something to you, and there is any room for you to say “prove that,” then it is not a fact I’ll work with, but rather something that comes down to interpretation.

I base my work around five facts:

The first fact is that there is a naturally free phenomenon – a power, existence, container, space or awareness through which all your experiences move. All our labels of it move through it. No matter how crazy you think I am right now, or how much you are buying into what I say, your reactions move in and out of that phenomenon, that power, existence, container, space or awareness, that’s a fact. You’re already observed by it.

The second fact is that power, awareness, space through which all else comes, creates bliss as evidenced by the scans of my brain.

The third fact is you likely experience some difficult aspects of human experience. These as unpleasant as they are provide a drive to go deeper into truth.
The fourth fact is that those problems occur within the existence of that constant source/power/space/container/awareness. In that way all of them are relative or dependent on that which naturally allows/observes all else.

The fifth fact is that just like love, just because one does not experience bliss (or whatever name you choose to give it) does not mean it does not exist.

Through your own practice, used as your life happens, the love of the ever present will overtake you.